Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes When Writing Product Descriptions

Product descriptions. They’re a necessity for any retailer, but they’re often a source of fear and confusion. Unfortunately some common mistakes leave product descriptions ineffective.

Four Common Mistakes Retailers Make in Writing Product Descriptions

Are you making these mistakes? Here’s how to avoid and fix them.

1. Writing to the wrong customer

Before you write a product description, make sure that you understand your customer. Having a clear image in mind of exactly who will be buying your products means that you can write a description which will appeal to them. This will also help you determine your tone, the benefits you highlight, and how you talk about the product.

2. Focusing on features rather than benefits

Perhaps the most common mistake in product descriptions is to focus on a product’s features, rather than its benefits. Buyers don’t want a shovel. They want the hole that the shovel will create. It’s so important to highlight what a product can do for a buyer, rather than focusing on the features that really aren’t that important in solving the buyer’s problem.

3. Using stilted language

Your product descriptions are the perfect way to engage with your customers, but many businesses make the mistake of creating descriptions that are just too stiff and stilted to read naturally.

Don’t be afraid to let your brand’s voice come out in the descriptions – in fact, do so as much as possible. Include contractions, watch your word choice, and make it your goal to write with an honest, believable tone that your audience will connect with. A little personality will make your descriptions and your business more memorable.

4. Forgetting to proofread

Please, always proofread your product descriptions! Even better, have someone else proofread your descriptions for you. Microsoft Word even has a read-back feature which can actually read your description out loud for you to hear. It’s a great way to spot errors that your eye may have scanned over.

Your next step to better product descriptions

The above points can help you to write better product descriptions, but a talent for writing great descriptions comes with practice, too.

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